Metal braces are the most common braces type used to align your teeth and are extremely efficient.


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The traditional metal braces are extremely popular for aligning crooked teeth. The new generation metal braces are more comfortable than before for both adults and children. The latest braces are molded and fabricated by advanced 3D designing and CAD CAM milling. The new generation brackets are extremely comfortable with smooth rounded edges and are free from Nickel.

The bracket slots are customized to apply precise force on to your teeth and guide them gently to their new position. The absence of sharp borders helps in avoiding frequent ulceration on your lips and cheek mucosa. The advantage of this new technology is that it ensures that the brackets  give you the best possible result in a more comfortable way.

Adolescents prefer them for the simple fact that they can experiment with the different colored elastics (usually called as modules) and create their own unique and colorful smile!!! Some children also consider the colors and braces to be a fashion statement among their peers in school and simply love them!

There are many kinds of metal braces available for you to choose from. Ask your Orthodontist for more details….


What is the cost of braces in UAE?

The cost of orthodontic metal or ceramic braces depend on the braces type as well as your malocclusion. It will also depend on whether you are doing the orthodontic treatment only for one arch or both the arches. The average treatment duration with braces is around 14-18 months. However some cases might require up to 24-30 months! The estimated treatment duration will vary depending on the severity of your dental malocclusion. There are different kinds of braces and the advanced braces system will be more expensive compared to the normal braces.

If rapid maxillary expansion appliance is needed for jaw expansion in narrow arch patients, it will add on to the cost. Similarly jaw problems in children might require initial treatment with functional appliance for skeletal correction of jaw growth. It means that if your problem is complicated, your expected treatment duration will be more and the treatment fee will also be higher. The average treatment fee ranges between AED 6000 – 15,000 depending on the various factors mentioned above.  The treatment charges might be comparatively less for minor orthodontic problems. Your orthodontist is the only person who will be able to judge the complication of your problem and will quote the fee depending on that as well as the appliance he is planning to use. Most of the orthodontists have an easy payment plan and you can make use of it!