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Do You Know What Causes Spacing Between Your Teeth?

Spacing between your teeth can be caused by a variety of reasons. However, the most common reason for dental spacing is tongue thrusting habit. This habit MUST be corrected at an early age! If allowed to continue for a long time, it can lead to dental proclination and spaces between your teeth. Always consult your orthodontist immediately if you suspect your child has tongue thrust. Early treatment of this problem can avoid costly and time consuming orthodontic treatment at a later age!

The other common reason for dental spacing is due to small size of your permanent teeth. This can be corrected by a combination of orthodontic and cosmetic treatment. A consultation with your orthodontist will reveal the reason for your dental spacing and you can get a great smile with the proper treatment!

Remember that spaces between teeth can be easily corrected and consolidated by orthodontic treatment.  Book an appointment with Dr. Nazeer for more details regarding the various possible ways to correct the problem!