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Our Goal

Dr. Nazeer Ahmed Meeran is dedicated to providing excellence in dentistry and Orthodontics. With world - class dental and Orthodontic cutting edge technology, Dr. Nazeer is committed to make you Smile, in every way!


Orthodontic Excellence

Using the best in class orthodontic appliance & technology, Dr. Nazeer delivers excellent clinical results every single time! He believes that every one deserves the best and ensures that all his patients get the highest levels of care!


Dr. Nazeer strongly believes in the concept of Continuing Education and keeps himself updated with the latest advancements in the field of Orthodontics.
Why? Because he knows that an expert must always be a student to stay on the top!

Dr Nazeer

Specialist Orthodontist

Celebrating 15 Years of Dental & Orthodontic Excellence!



For The Best Innovation In Orthodontic Treatment Mechanics.

Young Dentist Award

For Outstanding Contribution to Orthodontics.


Awarded By IOS  for The Best Clinical Paper

Research & Publications

Do you want know more about Dr. Nazeer and his contribution to the field of Orthodontics, which he is so passionate about? ..........