Frequently Asked Questions!


You can find the answers to most of your doubts and questions here. You can ask your orthodontist in Dubai, Dr.Nazeer any further queries through our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

The main cause of crooked teeth is unwanted bad habits like finger or thumb sucking. Other habits like lip biting, nail biting and chronic mouth breathing can also cause dental malocclusion.  Genetics & heredity can also play a minor role in causing crooked teeth. Small jaw size with large sized teeth can cause crowding while large sized jaw coupled with small size teeth can cause spacing between your teeth.

What Are The Different Kinds of Braces Available?

There are several kinds of orthodontic fixed appliances available and your orthodontist will usually advise you to choose the one which best works in your case. However, some malocclusions can be treated by almost all kinds of braces. In such cases the patient can choose the one he prefers. The most popular orthodontic appliances are Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Self-Ligation braces [Damon, Smartclip,etc], Lingual braces and Clear aligners [Invisalign, Eon Aligners, etc]

Can Any Dentist Do Orthodontic Treatment?

No! Orthodontic treatment must always be done by a highly trained and qualified Specialist Orthodontist, who has done an additional 3 years of specialization in the field of orthodontics after his graduation as a dentist. Dr Nazeer is one of the best orthodontist in Dubai with more than 12 years experience in the field of orthodontics with a proven track record and has lot of international publications and research papers in reputed international journals like the Journal of clinical orthodontics and the World Journal of Orthodontics. You may rest assured that you are in the best hands when you decide to do your orthodontic treatment with Dr Nazeer in Dubai.

Why Should I Straighten My Teeth?

  1.  Well aligned teeth give you a beautiful smile and can greatly improve your self confidence.
  2. It is are easier to clean and maintain your gum health.
  3. Less risk of Gum recession.
  4. Risk of cavities or dental caries is highly reduced when you have perfectly straight teeth.
  5. Perfectly aligned teeth are easier to floss.
  6. The bone strength around your teeth is also improved after the alignment of your crowded teeth.
  7. The main reason is of course You Deserve The Best Smile in the World!

Where Can I Get The Cheapest & Best Braces In Dubai?

More than searching for the cheapest braces in Dubai, it is wise to find a good Orthodontist who uses the best quality orthodontic braces at an affordable cost. Your orthodontist’s expertise and clinical skills play an important role to get good results. Always remember that the final outcome of your smile depends on that!


Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Done In Children?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, it is highly preferable to have a consultation for your children at the age of 8. This is because certain conditions like jaw growth problems and anterior cross bite can be identified and treated early, preventing future problems in the occlusion and facial profile. Early treatment might prevent or reduce the need for complicated or surgical treatment of the malocclusion in the future once growth is completed. The final phase of orthodontic treatment can be started after the eruption of all the permanent teeth, which is usually around the age of 12-13.

What Are The Foods I Must Avoid When Having Braces?

When you are using removable aligners like Invisalign, you can simply remove them while eating. When you have fixed appliance, you must avoid hard food stuff and sticky foods. Hard seed or nuts can easily debond your brackets. Sticky food stuff like chocolates and chewing gum are better avoided while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Always cut your food into small pieces especially when you want to eat apples, raw carrot or cucumber. Always try to chew them with your back teeth. Try not to bite into burgers and pull them with your front teeth as the braces might get damaged or the wire might bend out of shape. You can have soft foods like cheese, milk, yoghurt, cooked or steamed vegetables, fruit juice, cut fruits and cooked tender meat.

Should I Always Remove Some Teeth For Doing Orthodontic Treatment?

No! It is not always necessary to remove teeth. Recent advances in orthodontic treatment and the next generation appliances ensure that most of your problems like dental crowding, deep bite, open bite and spacing can be corrected without the necessity for tooth removal. Today, it is easier  than before to do arch expansion with the advanced orthodontic techniques and Dr. Nazeer is highly skilled and experienced in the correction of all kinds of complicated and severe malocclusions for children as well as adults.

However, some patients might have very severe proclination of the upper front teeth (Buck teeth or rabbit teeth). In such situations your orthodontist might advise removal of a few teeth in order to make room to push the proclined teeth back inside your mouth. Teeth removal might be beneficial in such cases to improve the facial profile as well as the overall treatment result.