Do You Want To Know More About Clear Aligners?


Clear aligners are popularly referred to as Invisible braces as they are transparent and are loved by orthodontic patients who want to align their teeth in a discreet way! These are removable polyurethane trays custom made by highly advanced 3-D Technology custom-made to fit over your teeth.


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Depending upon your orthodontist’s prescription, the  aligner trays are manufactured. The aligners apply gentle pressure on your misaligned teeth in a precise way and slowly guide them to their proper position. This is how aligners work and all you have to do is to wear them every day for at least 20 hours a day for the treatment success. Remove them only while eating and brushing. You can change to your next aligner after 2 weeks or as per the instruction of your Orthodontist. The total number of aligners will depend on your problem and is decided by the treating doctor.


What is the Cost of Clear Aligners?

The aligners do not work on their own and it is your doctor who will program the software for you. Every Orthodontist will program your teeth movement in a different way depending on his experience with clear aligners. Understand that it is your orthodontist’s expertise which is really important to ensure the best clinical result for you! Choose an experienced Platinum Provider to ensure that you get the best possible results with your aligner treatment. He is the one who is going to be responsible for your new smile and will guide the software to fix your bite!

The cost of your aligner treatment or Invisalign depends on many factors including the type of malocclusion and the total number of aligners required to make your teeth perfect. An experienced orthodontist will work on the treatment software better and will be able to fix your bite in the best possible way. Mostly the fee will range between AED 16,000 to AED 25,000/- for a treatment which requires around 1 year. Minor problems which require a shorter duration of treatment will require less number of aligners and the treatment fee might be comparatively less in such cases. You also have an easy and flexible payment plan tailored to be easy on your pockets!


Do You Want To Get Faster Results With Clear Aligners? No Problem! You Can Just Fast-Track Your Treatment!

It is possible to fast-track your aligner treatment with this exciting latest and proven technology. Your Orthodontist will guide you with this treatment protocol. This protocol requires excellent patient cooperation to be successful. You can finish your clear aligner treatment faster by following the instructions of your orthodontist!

Ask your orthodontist for more details about fast-track treatment with Clear Aligners!