101 Ways To Find The Best Orthodontist in Dubai !

HONESTLY, There are no 101 ways to find the best orthodontist for your orthodontic treatment….

In fact there is only one way to do it!

Do your research properly! Before trusting someone with your dental health and the appearance of your smile, you have a right to know more about that person!  Ask your family and friends for recommendation. You may also ask your family dentist for a referral to a good orthodontist in your locality. Do your home work properly before you entrust your orthodontist, the responsibility for fixing your bite and modifying your Smile!

 Best orthodontist in Dubai - How to choose the best orthodontist

However, here are some EXPERT tips for you to help you make the right decision!

1. Ask Your Orthodontist for his Experience and Qualification:

Orthodontic treatment always requires the clinical skill and expertise of a Specialist Orthodontist. Ensure that they have a Bachelor of Dentistry followed by a Master in Orthodontics and be a Member of Professional Orthodontic Society or body.  An experienced orthodontist  will be able to give good clinical result and fix your bite in a better way. Try to find out the experience of your orthodontist and ask him to show the before and after photos of a few cases  similar to your malocclusion, which he has treated before.  This will give you an idea about how good your orthodontist really is. Check to see if the quality of their treatment is what you are looking for.

2. Ask For Recommendation and Testimonials:

You will have plenty of friends and family in Dubai, who might have done orthodontic treatment for themselves or their kids before. Ask them for recommendation on the best orthodontist in your area and you will surely get some good advise. This is the best strategy to find out how good is your orthodontist really is, as you will be able to get first hand information from people whom you really trust!

3. Consult your Orthodontist and don’t hesitate to ask Questions:

Meet your orthodontist and get all your doubts cleared before you decide to jump into your treatment. Your orthodontist is going to be your treatment provider for at least 12-18 months. Find out if you are really comfortable with communicating with your orthodontist. Make sure if the clinic environment makes you relax and feel comfortable.

4. Ask for Second Opinion:

It is not necessary to start your orthodontic treatment with the first doctor you meet. Second opinion is always necessary in most of the complicated malocclusions and do your home work before jumping into your treatment. Don’t hesitate to meet several orthodontists and asking them for a second opinion. Each orthodontist will have a different treatment plan and it does not hurt to get opinion from several doctors.

5. Don’t choose an Orthodontist just because his clinic is near your house:

Choosing an orthodontist who is near your house might seem to be a good decision. You don’t have to waste money and time on your travel. However, that should not be the only criteria for you to finalize your treatment provider. The credential of the doctor is equally important. Don’t forget that your visit to your orthodontist is going to be only once or twice every month!  If you are able to find an orthodontist who is a little far from home but with better credentials and testimonials, it is wise to choose him. Always  remember that your final treatment outcome depends entirely on the expertise and clinical skill of your orthodontist!

6. Take advantage of the free orthodontic consultation:

Most of the orthodontists will offer a free orthodontic consultation. This will be able to check out diagnose your problem and will give you different treatment options along with the treatment cost. This is a great tool for you as a patient because you can use it as a type of “interview.” Observe how the doctor treats you and your child, and pay attention to how his staff treats patients as well. Check out the clinic ambiance as well as the facilities and find out if you are comfortable with the place.  You can evaluate the various options and make a better decision at this point.

7. Think about the braces price or the treatment fee:

In most cases, even if you have orthodontist insurance, this usually covers only a fraction of the total treatment fee. Ask doctors about the treatment costs for the entire treatment and request them to give a break up of the various fee involved. It is always better to ask the total fee for the complete orthodontic package including the retainers and compare prices across the different practices. At times you will notice higher-quality orthodontists will charge more, but more expensive doesn’t always translate to better services. Some orthodontists will offer you a staggered payment plan which can be more flexible than bank loans. You will find it easy to make your payment in monthly installments. Make the decision that is most reasonable for your finances.

8. If the dental clinic runs paid google ads then stay away, unless you want to pay for those ads!

It is not a secret that paid advertisements are extremely expensive and more often than not, you will actually end up paying for those advertisements, when you do your dental treatment. You cannot expect them to give  you a genuine discount, as someone has to pay for those pricey and exorbitant ads!  It is reasonable for a new startup to advertise about themselves, to make the people aware of their existence. However, you cannot say the same thing when dental clinics, which boast of themselves as the number one provider of dentistry, do the same. If they are really the number 1, why should they be forced to give those ads in the first place. Have you ever seen an ad for a Rolls Royce? If you are really number 1, then your work will speak for itself. You really don’t have to worry about the competition. Instead of paying for those ads, you can reduce the treatment charges and make your clients happy. If people trust you and you deliver premium and high quality treatment results every single time at an affordable cost, then your name will spread word of mouth.

9. Ask them About the different Treatment Options:

All orthodontic problems might have 2 or 3 different  treatment plans and ask your Orthodontist for the advantages and drawbacks of each treatment option. Question him as to why he feels that the treatment plan which he suggests is the best for your case and ask him about the estimated treatment duration. Make sure that the treatment plan what your doctor suggests will give you the outcome which you are expecting out of the orthodontic treatment. When extractions are suggested for orthodontic purpose, it is always wise to get a second opinion from another orthodontist.

10. Find out if your orthodontist is available on weekends:

Always remember that not all orthodontists are available on weekends! It is definitely a big advantage if you are able to find one who is available on weekends! You will always find it easier to schedule some of your orthodontic appointments on a Saturday. This way you and your kids don’t have to take a day off from work or school.

11. Listen to your inner voice:

How did you feel the first time you were seeing your orthodontist for a consultation? Did he take his time to explain everything in detail? Did the clinic and the staff nurse make you feel at ease, or did you feel that the doctor was in a hurry? Was their reception staff polite and helpful? Were the facilities clean and appealing, or did they appear to be neglected? Even if you can’t articulate the reasons for it, listen to any hesitations you may have felt when visiting a doctor. In any community or locality there are several high quality orthodontists you can choose from. If you feel 100% confident about the clinic and the doctor, then they are the orthodontist for you!

12. Find out if free parking is available:

You drive all the way to your orthodontist’s office or dental clinic and find out that you are not able to find a single parking slot. You keep driving around for 2o minutes and finally find a parking. You pay the parking fee, place the parking ticket on your car’s dashboard and rush to enter the clinic, only to find out that the next patient is already in the dental chair. You cannot complain as you are late and have to wait patiently for your turn. Your turn comes, you meet your orthodontist and finish your monthly adjustment. You get back to your car and to your horror, find a fine notice placed under your car wiper by the Dubai police. You find out that your parking ticket was valid only for an hour and you are late by 10 minutes! There is nothing you can do and just blame your fate. This kind of scenario can be avoided by finding a good dental clinic in Dubai where plenty of free and easy parking is available at any time of the day. You arrive, find a parking immediately, be on time for your appointment and complete your orthodontic follow up adjustments without any hassles.


It is everyone’s dream to get the best possible smile. However, to achieve the goal, you need to do your home work properly. Always ensure that you find the right orthodontist for your orthodontic treatment! Every orthodontist might have a different plan on the way your treatment should be done.  Correcting your teeth is as much of an art as it is a science. However, only one among the different available options will give you the best possible result in your case. The experience and clinical expertise of your orthodontists play a major role in ensuring that the best treatment plan is chosen in your case. Balanced occlusion is important for proper health rand function of your TMJ. Otherwise, you end up with TMJ pain, joint clicking, compromised or unsatisfactory results till the end of your life, or until you meet the right orthodontist. Remember, not all badly treated orthodontic cases can be retreated to perfection, even if you find the right orthodontist later. Some results might be irreversible even if you are able to find a good orthodontist later!

If you come across a good orthodontist who charges a reasonable treatment fee with a highly easy monthly payment plan, consider it your lucky day.