Who is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist who has done an additional three year specialization in the field of orthodontics & dento-facial orthopedics. It means that your orthodontist has dedicated more than 8 years in a dental school to master his field. So you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you decide to align and perfect your teeth with the help of your orthodontist! Look around for a good orthodontist in your locality and get your treatment done confidently!

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Best Orthodontic Treatment In Mirdif

Are you searching for a Certified Orthodontist in Mirdif, Dubai ? Your search is over! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nazeer. It is always best for you to consult your orthodontist when your kid is around 7 years old. The reason is that you can avoid serious dental problems with early orthodontic intervention. Jaw growth problems can be easily corrected if they are identified at an early age. Always ensure that your child starts practicing good oral hygiene habits starting from an early age.

Look out for habits like tongue thrusting and mouth breathing in your child and consult your Orthodontist immediately to prevent potential jaw problems. Habit breaking appliances can stop the problem if identified early and you can avoid severe dental problems with the bite at a later age. We strongly believe that Prevention is Better than Cure !

Why Orthodontic Braces?

Orthodontic treatment with metal or ceramic braces will be required to correct crooked or irregularly aligned teeth. Crowded teeth certainly pose difficulty in keeping them clean. They also ruin the appearance of your smile ! Well aligned teeth are easier to maintain without cavities.  Best thing about straight and perfect teeth is that you can flash your beautiful and dazzling smile. Every one wants to have the best smile in the world and your orthodontist is the expert who will help you in achieving that goal!

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Affordable Orthodontic Braces Treatment In Deira Near Deira City Center Dubai

Discover the different types of braces and your orthodontist WILL help you choose the right one !


Dental braces have become very common in the recent years with almost everyone choosing to straighten their crooked teeth and improvise their smile.  If you wants to get your braces treatment at an affordable cost, your orthodontist is available at Orthodontix Dental Clinic in Deira  near City Centre Deira. Orthodontix Dental Clinic is one of the cheap and best dental Clinic in Dubai for dental and orthodontic treatment. If you are considering braces for yourself or your kids, there are several types to choose from including metal braces, ceramic braces, self-Ligation braces like Damon, Tenbrook and  Smartclip system. Invisible treatment options like Lingual braces, Invisalign, Clear Aligners and Eon Aligners are also available for adults.

But how do you decide which braces is the best for you? Dr. Nazeer is highly experienced with all kinds of orthodontic appliances and will help you choose the right braces for your problem! Your orthodontist will evaluate your malocclusion during your first consultation visit and will customize a treatment plan exclusively for you. He will also inform you about the wide variety of treatment options available and guide you to make the ideal choice!