Best Orthodontist DubaiDr. Nazeer understands that knowledge should not be kept as as a secret and must be shared. He strongly believes that scientific text books and Journal Publications are important portals for sharing pearls of wisdom with his orthodontist colleagues and peers.

The main aim of this effort is to improve the quality of care provided to orthodontic patients and enhance their treatment comfort.





Dr. Nazeer is the author of clinical and research articles in several high impact International Journals. You Can Browse Through the Publications & Research of Your orthodontist here!

1) World Journal Of Orthodontics

Surgical-Orthodontic Management of An Adult Skeletal Class III Malocclusion with Canine Substitution

Dr. Nazeer gives his expert opinion on the ideal way to treat these type of complicated Skeletal malocclusion with missing upper lateral incisors.



Self Ligating Brackets – An Update

In this article, Dr. Nazeer discusses about the different types of self-ligating braces he has worked with and his personal experience with them. He elaborates their advantages and drawbacks of the self ligating systems.